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The Study of Joy – A Brighter Future Awaits


An attempt to capture the essence of the people I find myself interacting with , from the people I meet on the streets to friends and family. I intend to capture their emotions and personalities through my brush strokes with the desire to create a sense of a conversation between the viewer and the work.


Dimensions: 37,5 cm X 31 cm

Medium: Acrylic on paper


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The study of joy series by Theko Boshoman

Theko boshomane uses his work to self-heal and overcome childhood experiences of being bullied. Theko Boshomane explores the effect his upbringing has on his everyday life. How it  influences how he interacts socially, spiritually and emotionally in his adult years. His work is often an imaginary world in which the viewer is invited to both observe and become a part of his healing process. His mediums range from drawings, paintings, printmaking, video and installations.


Dimensions: 37,5 cm X 31 cm

Medium: Acrylic on paper



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